The manuscript meets our criteria for high standards of excellence.
      The story is one that people would like to read.
      Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be impeccable.
      The book has great sales potential.
      The author believes in his/her work.


Your submission must have the electronic (ebook) rights available. If these rights are not currently available, please do not submit. You automatically received these rights when you wrote your book. As long as you have not contracted these rights to another publisher, you still retain them.


We will consider novels that have been previously published as long as all electronic (ebook) rights have already reverted back to the author (no contracts exist).

Your book must be unavailable for sale from any other ebook publisher.


Please read the following formatting rules. Submissions received that do not follow this format will be rejected without review.

Note: If you have a question about formatting, and you don't see it in the rules below, then that formatting doesn't matter. There is no need to query us for clarification if you don't see it below. This is all we require.

Your manuscript must be in Rich Text Format (.rtf), WPS (.wps), or HTML (.htm). NO other file formats are acceptable (this includes .zip files).

No hard (permanent) returns at the end of every line inside the paragraph. You MUST let your word processor flow the text within the paragraph. The function of a word processing program is to automatically flow your sentences together.

Do NOT doublespace between paragraphs. We would have to remove it from your document and that would significantly delay your submission.

Use three asterisks (***) on a blank line for scene or point-of-view breaks.


Dungan Books is open to all unsolicited manuscripts. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A QUERY ONLY! Queries without a full manuscript will be ignored. Do not mail us a printed manuscript through the post office. We only accept electronic submissions as an email cover letter with your manuscript as a file attachment. Place this information at the top of your email:

     The exact title of your book
      Your full (real) name
     Your (good, reliable, and current) e-mail address
      Approximate number of words (not number of pages).
      Your snail-mail address
     The name or pen name you want on the book as your author name.

Place this information below that:

Synopsis: Your plot synopsis is a brief narrative summary of your book. Make it as easy and enticing to read as possible. Create the synopsis as a whole, unified piece. Don't break it up with chapter headings.

Book Hook: This is one to three paragraphs that would appear on the back of your book. It should be written to address the customer picking up your book and make them interested enough to want to purchase and read your book. Look at the hooks on other books to get a feel for what yours should be like.

Be sure to attach your COMPLETE manuscript.

No partial manuscripts will be accepted.

Electronic submissions only are accepted. Please send to fdungan@fdungan.com.

This page last modified on October 4, 2010.